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Areckless drivingcharge is no small matter. If you've been found driving recklessly, don't face your day in court alone! OurHamilton, OHattorney is highly familiar with these cases, and is adept at handling them. Depending on your circumstances and other factors, such as your driving record, first time reckless driving offense, and so forth, we can often have those charges reduced or dismissed altogether. But you'll never know unless you talk to us first!
We're also available for criminal defense, personal injury and additional traffic violation legal services.
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Traffic charges

Traffic charges can be treated as criminal matters in many cases.

Whether it's reckless driving, severe traffic accidents involving injury or death, or driving while under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, we encourage you to contact us in Hamilton so you don't have to face your day in court alone.

Our attorney, David Washington, is also able to assist you with speeding tickets, traffic violations and driving without a license cases.

Personal injury

If you've been named as the defendant in a personal injury case, we can help you build your defense through a comprehensive process of research and interviews, to get to the bottom of the matter.

We're experts in the area of personal injury defense and have handled cases including 'slip and fall' and 'injury from accident'.

We invite you to come and see us in Hamilton for a completely confidential consultation today! Call us for an appointment.

Criminal law

Remember, no matter what kind of crime you've been accused of, or implicated in, you'll need a qualified and expert criminal defense team on your side.

Whether it's charges of theft, drug use or distribution, even murder charges, we're Hamilton's best option for an effective criminal defense.

The sooner you contact us, the more time we'll have to help build the best case possible in your defense. Don't take chances with your freedom. Call us first!
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