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We all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes lead to consequences we never imagined. If you're in the Hamilton, OH area and find yourself in need of high quality and effective criminal defense services, you've come to the right place. Washington Law Office is the criminal defense team that's been serving the Hamilton area with passionate, expert criminal defense lawyers for years.
If you're in trouble and need an advocate who will fight for you, don't hesitate. Call us at (513) 751-1400 today!

Practice areas

At Washington Law Office, we're here to provide professional legal services no matter what you've been accused of or implicated in. We've handled a variety of cases through the years, and have helped our clients realize the best possible results in cases involving:
•  Criminal defense 
•  DUI 
•  Forgery 
•  Weapons 
•  Manslaughter 
•  Drug charges 
•  Internet crimes 
•  Traffic offenses 
•  Domestic violence 
•  White collar crimes
Remember ignorance of the law doesn't excuse you from a crime or suffering the consequences.

Our team

At Washington Law Office, our criminal defense team, led by David Washington, is the finest in the Hamilton area. We've been practicing criminal defense for over two decades and know the ins-and-outs of the court system. Don't face your day in court without effective representation. Let us stand with you and give you the best chance you can have for an outcome that you desire. No matter the charge, we can help you handle it.
Remember, regardless of the crime or legal issue, we will stand by you when you have your day in court.

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